Jennifer is a proud product of public education from elementary through law school, and both her children attend Loudoun County Public Schools. She believes strongly that every American deserves a high-quality public education from their first day of pre-k to their college graduation. 

In the state Senate, Jennifer was a strong advocate for education priorities. Her initiatives included eliminating unnecessary standardized tests, modernizing school teaching, and opposing Republican efforts to take away local control of schools. She passed legislation to stem the school-to-prison pipeline through alternatives to long-term and short-term suspensions, which disproportionately affect minorities and students with disabilities.

Jennifer’s state Senate priorities, including higher education loan refinancing and efforts in sexual violence prevention and survivor advocacy, have not ceased in her Congressional work. 

In Congress, Jennifer is a tireless advocate for improving educational access and resources from pre-K to college. In her first year in Congress, she supported record base funding for Title I schools, Head Start, and the Child Care and Development Block Grants. She believes we need to reduce the student-to-provider ratios within school systems; that’s why she is a cosponsor of the Student Support Act which would provide $100 million in grants to states to hire school social workers, psychologists, and counselors.

An avid defender of making higher education more affordable, Jennifer believes that Congress must support student loan borrowers. From her seat on the Financial Services committee, she has advocated on behalf of borrowers to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in order to ensure they are providing proper protections from predatory lenders.  She has also fought to improve federal student financial aid programs, consolidate federal student loans, expand loan forgiveness, and increase accountability measures through the College Affordability Act.

Affordability is a barrier to higher education that Jennifer works to combat in Congress. In 2020, she introduced the bipartisan Yellow Ribbon for Overseas Education Act to remove barriers that prohibit student veterans from using the Department of Veterans Affairs Yellow Ribbon Program to attend overseas colleges and universities.

Jennifer knows how vital education is to the success of our community. Through raising teachers’ pay and benefits, promoting more STEM courses and careers, incentivizing career and technical training, and fighting for adequate public school funding, Congress can create a more equitable and beneficial education system for our communities and help grow our economies.