Jennifer believes we need to be good stewards of the environment and that we must protect our land, air, and water for our children and future generations. Climate change and sea level rise are real threats to Virginia and our nation, and Jennifer knows we must take active steps to address them. From the state Senate to Congress, she has been a strong advocate for renewable energy and our environment. 

As a strong defender of the environment, Jennifer takes pride in earning numerous awards from major environmental groups, including the “Environmental Freedom” Award from Sierra Club Virginia and the “Legislative Hero” Award from the Virginia League of Conservation Voters. She is honored to hold an endorsement from the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund.

In Congress, Jennifer continues to protect the public’s health and safety through prioritizing pro-environment legislation and her work on the Science, Space, and Technology committee.


In Congress, Jennifer has and will continue to stand firm against climate threats. She has been vocal in her support of the scientific evidence laid out in the Fourth National Climate Assessment, which displays the dire, man-made consequences facing our nation. Taking action, Jennifer co-sponsored and voted to pass the Climate Action Now Act to fight the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement and advocate for the nation to move toward meeting important greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.

Protecting Public Health and Environmental Health

Jennifer recognizes the direct correlation between safe environmental standards and protecting public health. To protect our students and teachers, she has cosponsored legislation to closely test the drinking water in schools and day care facilities for lead. Jennifer also was proud to be a cosponsor of the 100% Clean Economy Act of 2019 that aimed to set a national goal of reducing greenhouse gas pollution and improving our nation’s air quality.

Waterways and Offshore Drilling

Jennifer voted in favor of federal legislation to protect public health through the removal of harmful chemicals in our waterways and ensuring our drinking water safety is closely regulated. She has also helped pass bills in the House of Representatives to block dangerous offshore drilling efforts and protect Virginia coastlines, as well as those around the nation, from oil and gas development. Her efforts have included placing pressure, in coordination with the Virginia House delegation, on the U.S. Department of the Interior to be continuously attentive to Virginia’s coastline needs.