I believe that access to affordable health care is a right for all Americans. No one should have to give up the care they need because they can’t afford the costs.

In the State Senate, my proudest vote was expanding Medicaid to deliver affordable health care to hundreds of thousands of Virginians. In Congress, I voted to pass the most consequential health care legislation since the Affordable Care Act – the Inflation Reduction Act – which will lower premiums for tens of thousands of Virginia-10 families and reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

Prescription Drug Prices
In Congress, I have fought to take on Big Pharma and counter the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs because no family should have to choose between life saving medication and paying for things like rent or food.

I’m proud that Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act finally empowers Medicare to negotiate drug prices, which will help thousands of Virginia-10 Medicare beneficiaries save money. We also capped the out of pocket cost of insulin at $35/month for Medicare beneficiaries. I’m continuing to fight to deliver savings on drug costs to more American families.

Youth Mental Health
I have continuously prioritized the mental and emotional health of Americans. In Congress, I proudly led a push for additional federal funding that will help address shortages of school-based mental health professionals, as well as advocated for $15 million for research into the effects of technology on children’s mental health and funding for the Pediatric Mental Health Care Access Program. I’m working to provide students with programs to treat substance abuse, eating disorders, and traumatic events, and am proud that Virginia students saw support from our landmark American Rescue Plan to support mental health services during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath.

Protecting the Affordable Care Act and Strengthening Medicare and Medicaid
I have and will always firmly fight back against efforts to overturn the Affordable Care Act which would strip away millions of Americans’ health care and eliminate protections for those with pre-existing conditions. In defense against Republican efforts to dismantle this vital legislation, I supported the Protecting Pre-Existing Conditions and Making Health Care More Affordable Act of 2019.

I have continuously worked to close major gaps in Medicaid coverage, including those for beneficiaries living in nursing facilities. Last Congress, I introduced the Personal Needs Allowance (PNA) Modernization Act to align the PNA with today’s economic realities and protect as well as to provide a source of dignity and financial freedom for our seniors and disabled Americans. 

Childhood Cancer Research Funding
I have always been a fierce advocate for our children in Congress. That is why I was immensely proud that the House of Representatives passed my bipartisan Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act 2.0. This legislation, which I introduced and worked to build a bipartisan coalition around, would nearly double funding for lifesaving research into treatments and cures for childhood cancer and other rare diseases. This bill is named in honor of Gabriella Miller, a Virginia-10 resident who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and courageously worked to focus attention on and secure resources for childhood cancer research before her tragic death at age 10. 

COVID-19 Response
I was proud to vote to pass the historic American Rescue Plan, which delivered free and accessible vaccines, put money in the pockets of those suffering from the financial fallout of COVID, allowed our kids to get back into their classrooms safely, and protected and restored jobs across the Commonwealth. I also passed my bipartisan Retirement Protection Act into law as part of the CARES Act, to help our families protect their retirement savings.

I am also committed to preventing future outbreaks of COVID and other diseases. I was a cosponsor of a recent bill t​​o ensure access to cost-free monkeypox testing services, and introduced legislation which would fund research into combatting COVID-19 disinformation.