Jennifer knows traffic and transportation are major concerns across Northern Virginia. She has a long history of focusing on transportation solutions. 

As a member of the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission, Jennifer worked to bring resources to her district to relieve congestion, fix problems with Metro, and advocate for smart growth in Loudoun and Fairfax counties. In the State Senate, she introduced legislation that would give localities more control over, and funding for transportation projects in their jurisdictions. She opposed tolls on I-66 and repeatedly carried legislation to reduce the tolls on the Dulles Greenway.

In Congress, her focus on relieving transportation congestion has remained a priority. 

Infrastructure Investment

Jennifer knows that America needs to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. She supports a full-scale investment in new green infrastructure that will create millions of good paying jobs. 

She believes this investment should include updating and expanding our roads, bridges, public transit, airports, and rail lines. She believes Congress should also invest in infrastructure that will help build a clean energy future, expand the availability of high-speed broadband, and fix and modernize our electric grid and water systems.

In 2019, Jennifer not only voted to pass the Save the Internet Act, a bipartisan bill to restore net neutrality protections, but she also included an amendment to prioritize universal broadband access. In order to expand access to high speed broadband internet for her district and others, this amendment demanded better data collection on what providers are servicing which areas, in order to display who has access and who does not. 

WMATA and Metro

Jennifer believes, “A world-class transit system will encourage job creation, reduce congestion and pollution, and promote equity in Northern Virginia.” 

A strong advocate for VA-10, in 2019 Jennifer brought her district-specific transportation and infrastructure priorities to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. In her letter, Jennifer stressed VA-10 as a hub of the region whose transportation improvement would help spur smart growth across all of Northern Virginia and greater Washington D.C. Her priorities included dedicated federal funding for WMATA, reauthorizing and increasing funds for the Federal Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, I-81, U.S. Route 15, and U.S. Route 11 improvements, as well as construction of the Northern Collector Road for U.S. Route 50.

Working with her National Capital House Congressional Delegation colleagues, Jennifer also supported the reintroduction of the Metro Accountability and Investment Act that would reauthorize federal investment and funds to the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority and bring safe, reliable, and operating cost efficient standards and maintenance to Metro. 

Jennifer succeeded in fully funding the WMATA at $150 million by including the demand in two bipartisan minibus appropriations packages passed to avoid a government shutdown ahead of Fiscal Year 2020.